You can send full paper or abstract. For more information, see "Guide for Authors" in "Papers" Menu.

- The paper is accepted based on a scientific survey by reviewer(s) to ensure that it meets the needed standards for presentation in conference.

- Based on the presentation at the conference session and the peer review, the author revises the paper and resubmits it.

- If the revisions are accepted by the reviewers, the paper will be sent to Springer or selected for journals.

Your paper can be presented in around 15 minutes. After that you may respond to the audiences’ questions.

The estimated time of reviewing papers for presentation in the conference will be maximum 2 weeks after submission and selecting for Springer and Journals about 5 weeks after conference.

The papers will be presented on-line through ZOOM platform.

All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding. In continue, the scientific committee team will forward the selected papers to the high quality international journals. You can see the journal list in the conference website.

No. All submitted papers must be written in English or Turkish.

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For example, if you are a non-Turkish student and you have an accepted paper or abstract in the conference, after July 31st, you must pay 180 EUROs.

If you have two accepted papers or abstracts, after July 31st, you must pay 180 EUROs for your first paper and pay 100 EUROs for the second one.

After receiving your paper’s/abstract’s acceptance, you will receive an email including the invoice with account information.

You will not pay any extra charge for publishing your paper in Springer or journals (except ORP which might charge some fee due to its policies other journals are free).


So, your payment is only for participation in the conference; you will not be charged later if your paper is accepted for Springer or journals.

You register free of charge to be able to login using your own username and password and submit your paper/abstract.

But after the acceptance of your paper/abstract by the conference, the invoice will be issued and sent to you to be able to pay the conference fee.

It is recommended to afford the promotional packages by the abstract deadline.

For more information, please send an email to:

[email protected]

The registration fee includes the participation in the conference and covers: E- Certificate, E-package, Access to all technical panels, workshops and other programs, and publishing the paper in conference proceeding. In fact, participating in the conference is subject to making payment.

This is the due date of full text. It means that you can participate with you abstract, then submit your full paper. By the way, if your full paper is ready now, you can submit it now.

All of the accepted abstracts and also the full papers of the accepted ones which have not been selected for publication in Springer would be published in the conference booklet.

The full papers selected for Springer would be only published in CCIS book series.

The papers which have not been selected for Springer, would be sent to the journals (according to the conference website) for consideration.

So, it cannot be said in advance that your paper is going to be published in Springer or in an Scopus indexed journal.

The full papers of SEMIT 2023 includes:

  1. Springer papers
  2. Journals papers

Springer proceeding and most of journal indexed in Google Scholar (and also Scopus).

There is not any limitations.

Yes, login to your profile and withdraw your paper, then submit the new one.

The booklet (soft copy) would be sent to all authors.

The Springer proceeding would be available for those who have accepted papers in Springer.

First you must register:

Then submit your paper by the registered username and password:

Please also check the user guide before submission:

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If your full text is ready now, you can submit it otherwise you can submit your abstract.

Slight changes will be accepted.

At the first phase no.

But after the conference, when your paper is selected for publication in Springer or any specific journal, you will be asked to revise the paper according their required template.

Some countries need to use VPN for uploading the file on website.

After the conference, when the full papers are received, according to the review results, some papers would be selected for Springer and some would be sent to the journals. You will be informed then.

It mostly depends on the time you submit the abstract/paper. However, the conference team do their best to send the acceptance ASAP.